Skilled risk management, with a constant focus on adding value

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The basis of our approach: 100% tailor-made solutions.



Our organization is both independent and agile, thus ensuring efficiency in terms of advice, negotiation and control.

The diversity of our client base is a source of stimulation and a challenge we are glad to rise to.
Our size and availability enable us to offer a service that is 100% tailor-made.

Our role is designed to be one of added value; our mission is to deliver performance that meets your objectives.

Asset allocation – 100% bespoke solutions

  • In order to put together a portfolio, we start with an open architecture. We offer an optimal mix of asset classes and investment vehicles, thus allowing an effective diversification of risk.
  • One of the keys to success is to maintain unwavering focus on the big picture, the overall logic. We achieve this through constant, sharp analysis, providing us with a global understanding of markets and risk.
  • We make decisions together. We do not offer standardized wealth management strategies – we favour a fully customized approach to wealth management, based on an open, trusting relationship.

Risk management – 100% informed

  • Our rule: we invest solely in products for which we have a complete understanding of the logic. We then ensure we share this understanding with you in a transparent and explicit manner.
  • The starting point for any one of our investments is a methodical review and a rigorous analysis of all information, from a qualitative as well as a quantitative point of view The products are complex – the work is shared between experts across all areas.
  • We align our appreciation of risk with that of our clients, conscious that our reputation is at stake. As independent wealth managers, we view our role as twofold: to increase your assets today and to prepare your future.

Selection of Funds – 100% rigorous

  • Our approach: curiosity and rigor. We identify among the thousands of existing investment funds, those with the best potential for growth, according to each portfolio type.
  • We only select funds for which the related risk has been clearly identified. And we only buy funds when, in view of the market configuration, they are likely to add value.
  • The point of difference: we establish close relationships with external fund managers. It’s this ongoing, systematic contact with the managers that enables us to fully appreciate the potential of each fund.

«We favour a fully customized approach to wealth management, based on an open, trusting relationship.»

Jean-Blaise Rivier

«We work closely with the best in each field in order to achieve your performance objectives.»

Matthieu Berger

«We set ourselves extremely strict risk control procedures.»

Nicolas Stepczynski

«We align our appreciation of risk with that of each one of our clients.»

Guillaume van Berchem

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We make it our priority to be fully available for our clients. From the very first meeting, we aim to establish a strong bond, with a view to commencing a long journey together. We look forward to your call.