Our independence is your greatest benefit.

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The asset manager’s role is to add value by acting as an efficient and expert intermediary.
We build a lasting relationship based on trust, in order to offer you relevant, in-depth advice.
We set up your investments with the custodian banks, acting autonomously on your behalf.
Our role is to serve your interests, as your fully informed and independent partner.

Our role

Loyalty: A close and trusting relationship is the foundation that ensures we gain a clear understanding of all your needs and concerns – the detailed picture. Our aim is to get to know you, so as to advise you well both for today and for the long term. We come with the attentive external outlook of an expert.

Diligence: Clear and regular reports, complete transparency with regards to all risks and calculations – we have volunteered to adhere to and comply with the strict controls and regulations of FINMA. There is no question – we consider this an essential aspect of our service.

Coordination: Private asset management touches a number of domains. Our role as an independent asset manager is to ensure you get the best service in every area, and to enable the smooth coordination of all parties.

Your advantages

Selection: As your independent asset manager, we are ideally placed to advise you, without any conflict of interest, on the custodian bank that is best suited for the set up of your investment portfolio.

Negotiation: We work with the leading custodian banks in the Geneva marketplace. Our experience provides us with a clear knowledge and understanding of their rates and of how they function. This puts us in a strong position to negotiate the best conditions for the opening of your account.

Control: By choosing to go through an independent asset manager, you gain an external verification of the risk control carried out by the custodian bank, as well as the additional level of risk control that we provide internally.

We manage the complexity, you gain added value and a clear view.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We make it our priority to be fully available for our clients. From the very first meeting, we aim to establish a strong bond, with a view to commencing a long journey together. We look forward to your call.