To know you, to guide you

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Our philosophy : We seek to understand all the relevant areas of your life, both personal and material. Everything is connected, it makes sense to assess the big picture. This is the essence of our promise: we get to know you, so as better to guide you.


Constancy Understanding Determination
Respect Independence

Constancy :

We seek to demonstrate constancy in our performance as much as in the relationships that we forge. This is a principle that we value, for it is the foundation of trust. 

Understanding :

We consider the relationship aspect of our role to be a priority and we place it on the same level of importance as our technical competency. It is only by getting to know you that we can effectively assist you.

Determination :

Together we set your objectives. From then on, we employ all our savoir-faire and expertise in order to reach them, without ever losing from sight the notion of the responsibility that we bear.

Respect :

Respecting rules, respecting individuals, respecting the profession. This is a value that pertains to every aspect of our business activity. For us, it is synonymous with integrity.

Independence :

As independent asset managers, we are best positioned to select the right investment vehicles for you and to place you with the bank that truly suits your needs – there is no conflict of interest

Our vision

  • We tackle our activity with an entrepreneurial spirit. It strikes us as logical that our interests and your own should be tightly linked.
  • This state of mind is reflected in the professional diversity of our team: by mingling experience in the industrial and the financial sectors, our people are able to display a fine sense of organisation, planning and growth, which they apply to delivering both performance and creativity.
  • Our vision: to work towards joint objectives and to prepare your future together, in a spirit of trust. 

Our role

The optimization of your assets requires us to deliver results on every level: as much in the performance of your portfolio as in the value of the service we offer.

Faced with this level of expectation, our strategy is to constantly prove our added value in all areas: in our relationships, our negotiation skills, our level of control, our investment strategies and in the results we deliver.

We handle the complexity, in order to offer you simplicity.

«We have kept our entrepreneurial spirit.»

Nicolas Stepczynski

«Performance is measured client by client. That is the appeal of a tailor-made approach.»

Matthieu Berger

«20 years already, spent preparing for tomorrow.»

Matthieu Berger

«We have the advantage of independence and availability – we ensure our clients reap the benefits of both. »

Guillaume van Berchem

Don’t hesitate to contact us

We make it our priority to be fully available for our clients. From the very first meeting, we aim to establish a strong bond, with a view to commencing a long journey together. We look forward to your call.